When can I bring my device to school?

Please note, there is not a typical educational reason to use a phone or small tablet at RMS. RMS is a 1:1 school and has a school device for each student when needed.

You are permitted to bring your device to school when you have completed the following

  • Watched the BYOT intro video
  • Reviewed the policy with your teacher
  • Reviewed the policy with your parents/guardians, and signed the contract with them
  • Returned the signed contract to your teacher

When can I use my device?

You are permitted to use your device when your teacher permits. Just like a pencil or calculator, your teacher will provide you with opportunities to use your device for writing, research and problem solving. If you have an idea of a time you’d like to use your device during learning time, we encouraged you to ask your teacher for permission.

What if I don’t have a device?

Don’t worry! We have lots of devices. Teachers are required to provide technology for all students when needed, so we will always do our best to ensure everyone is getting hands on 21st century learning.

When can’t I use my device?

You aren’t allowed to have your device out if your teacher hasn’t permitted it. We do not allow devices to be used in the hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms, gym, library or outside. You cannot use your device when waiting for the bus. You are allowed to bring your device for learning experiences, it’s important that it is used for that in school.

What happens if I am using my device when I shouldn’t be?

The school has a policy around improper device usage. If you are caught using your device when you shouldn’t be you will receive a strike. If you have three strikes, you will lose your device and your parents must come to retrieve it. If you are using the device in inappropriate ways, you may lose your technology privileges for the year.

If I lose my device privileges can I use school computers?

No. If you have lost device privileges, you will also be unable to use school computers or tablets until you get your privileges back from the principal and your teachers.

What happens if I lose my device or break it?

In your contract, it states that all devices are the responsibility of the student. It’s important for you to take care of your device. Keep it in a case and lock it in your locker until your teacher asks you to take it out. Never leave your device in your desk or in a place it can be dropped or stolen.

What if someone breaks my device?

The policy states if someone purposely breaks a device, they will face a consequence at the office. This issue would be dealt with by our administration.

Can I bring headphones to school?

Yes, but like everything, you need teacher permission for when and how to use them.

What is the best device to bring in?

iPads are excellent for web browsing, app usage and video/photography. However, a Chromebook is the most compatible device for learning in the school. It allows you to easily access GNSPES and Moodle and use research tools and digital software in most learning environments. It’s also an inexpensive laptop with a lot of student friendly options. It has been shown phones are not a useful classroom tool.

What if there’s a question here I can’t answer?

Feel free to review the BYOT policy here and if you have any further questions please ask an administrator.

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